In recent news, the Supreme Judicial Court found Jordan’s Furniture in violation of overtime and Sunday-pay statutes following accusations of a commissions-based compensation scheme. Jordan’s is accused of not providing “separate and additional payments” for overtime and Sunday hours and of “reallocating and crediting payments made to fulfill one set of wage obligations against separate...

SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suits refer to lawsuits brought by individuals and entities to prevent critics from ongoing negative publicity. The Massachusetts legislature passed the anti-SLAPP law in 1994 which was designed to provide defendants with a quick way to dismiss meritless lawsuits. In essence, the anti-SLAPP law protects free speech by thwarting...

The nearly $7 million dollar settlement that was reached between the Attorney General’s Office and MGM Springfield provides a great example of how employees can successfully litigate against a large employer by joining forces. This settlement comes after a multi-year investigation dating back to October, 2018 and impacting 2,036 MGM Springfield workers. Violations include failure to...

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